Research and draft practices

I like images which get people to think over their perception of the world. In the HSLU library I looked for exactly that and found some interesting pictures in the “World images 3” of Helmhaus Zurich. In the evening while going home I also noticed images in the boulevard newspaper matching my interest.

At first Ichanged the photographs only a little but soon I got wilder and took up scissors. My classmates were inspiring me a lot as they produced all kinds of drafts with combining colors, styles, shapes,…


The goal I (subconsciously) set myself is for my images to have a meaning. The montages shown below were first arranged without much thought but rather by playing around and letting myself inspire by the content of the pictures. I would then look for a connection between the pictures, a message and arrange it new, creating a story in the best case.  Since adding words changes the context I tried to think of a title closest to my intentions. I ended up with four montages of which all more or less stand for themselves.

afghan girl flying free
While collaging I had a song in my mind called flying free. It seemed to fit to the eyes – the soul? – of Sharbat Gula which are as butterflies flying away. Out of her skin, of her body, of her country? It’s also not just her eyes, in a way she represents millions of other.

I enjoyed it a lot to work with images from my classmates, it has brought new ideas and perspectives to my montages.


As these are the montages I rapidly produced for the assignment, this will most likely be what I’ll be drawn to in the near future. Two of the nine pictures were food photography but I didn’t continue with them. I haven’t taken a food picture for about a year, my passion is currently rather laying on social documentary photography. With this I hope to produce images which have someone think over his perception of the world.


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