How I am living

The following pictures show my current living situation as well as how I enjoy my time when there’s no school.

I like how my birthday cards on the left reflect on the glass table. The b/w box on the right I found at the cute weekly Flohmarkt in Lucerne.

I have just moved to a small town 25 minutes by train to Lucerne. There I live in a one room apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom. While I am still figuring things out I enjoy the freedom of having my own space. And not having to clear it up all the time…

The kitchen is a great place to be creative. In Lucerne I found the ‘Wochenmarkt’ to be a great source of ingredients.

I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking up fresh vegetables. It means coming down from the sometimes stressful day, sorting all my thoughts and just having a peaceful, quite time for myself.


As mentioned above I’ve just moved here and am therefore still getting to know this beautiful city. Whenever I don’t spend the weekend at my boyfriend’s flat in Zurich or in my hometown Klingnau, I enjoy a stroll between the neat houses in the old town and an occasional side trip to one of the interesting stores.


I love traveling. May it mean taking the train through Switzerland to hike in the Alps or backpacking through South East Asia. With my flat being a train and a bus ride away from school I have the privilege of a beautiful view every morning and evening. If I am lucky enough I catch the sun rise or set behind the seemingly endless fields and forests.


Both pictures are the output of my idea with a extended aperture, one I took on the train and the other in the bus/Postauto. They came out so differently that I did not want to decide between the two but rather upload them both.

For now that is how I am living and enjoying live!


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