The spirit of the Seetalplatz (Kick-Off)

To start off the Genius Loci project we heard a presentation from Michael Wagner, an architect who also lectures at the ETH. Although I am not into architecture very much, I could draw some inspiration from these 3 hours. Namely the input about the artist Peter Funch.
He puts together various people – all with a connecting item like their black clothing or in this case the yellow envelope – in one single image. In the end the viewer looks at a picture and after the first glance accepts it as the truth, as just another shot on the street. Only by taking a closer look one notices the singularities and the surreality of this image.

Pretty clever.

We then paired up and went to Emmenbrücke. Michael and I went to the Seetalplatz  (actually a red spot on the map but we misunderstood it) and tried to catch the atmosphere there. To get the noisy, hectic street life across we decided to put together a short video consisting of single clips:

Besides the video we diligently took pictures and produced drawings. More photographs can be found on Michaels Blog.

Being on the spot is way more valuable than just doing research on it. The smell, the feeling, the people, their moods, the noise,… in short: the spirit of a place can only be discovered by spending a certain amount of time there.


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