Individual Project: Group discussion

Since the last meeting with Corina I did some montaging. For that I used photographs form Irving Penn and Shirana Shahbazi, cut them out, rearranged them and added some sketching.

Also did I look at different campaigns form animal organizations as well as other NGOs. Why are they appealing to me? Why not? I looked for good and bad examples and analyzed them elaborately.

The goal of my individual project is drawing attention to ‘my’ topics ecology and animal rights.

At the Fotofestival we visitited in Mannheim, Ludwigshaven & Heidelberg I found two works to be of importance for my project:
Mishka Henner with his work ‘Feedlots’. He used satellite images to display the vast dimensions of American livestock farms:

Conorado Feeders in Dalhart, Texas

And Henk Wildschut with his work named ‘Food’ in which he shows the high-tech industry (genetically modified plants, an automatic slaughter machine,…) and asks about our future of sustainably nourishing more and more people.

The discussion  after my short presentation with two each of BA1, BA2 and BA3 mounted in the question about the influence of my involvement. Where can I position myself to not appear as an activist but as an artist?

I got a lot of suggestions and references, for instance to get in contact with Claudia from BA3. Some were also reminded of artists and works that interfer with my subject of the correlation between art and activism (which often appears in politics – it’s why most book recommendations, an ISA-modul and a movie are on this topic).

My next step will now be looking at this list and see where this will get me with my questions.


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