Genius Loci – Inspirations

The starting project about the diversity in New York:

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One of many imitating pages, Humans of Paris:

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A little different are the portraits and stories of the graduates at Harvard Business school. One long story with a close-up portrait of the face and always the same question:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-10 um 09.35.11

Similar projects were realized last year by Thi My Lien Nguyen:

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and Thomas Knellwolf:

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The small pictures provide more details about the atmosphere of the space the portrayed person lives or works in. The text is lengthier and less about the people than about herself and her experience on-site.

Thomas put up two red chairs and a long vertical flash and portrayed people walking by, relaxing by this riverside.  They all have the same temperature and are thus recognizable as a series. Maybe a tactic I will adopt for my portait series.


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