Genius Loci – the point in the interviews

To answer Lucas questions in comment on the first EGL-post:

What is the purpose of the texts? Some of them are very interesting. Why so short? How do you edit the texts? Which Questions do you want to ask?

The portrait without the few sentences wouldn’t be as interesting, the outcome would be a total different one. I want to make peoples thoughts, sorrows, ideas, interests,…visible. I want to surprise the viewer (This guy is a dentist?/ Exactly why isn’t she satisfied with her look?) and thus awaken their imagination.
The combination of portrait and text also plays with our – sometimes too fast – judgment. For instance do we find ourselves judging if this young man is from his looks and his statement capable of being an sports student. Prejudices are not only present within the obvious like ethic background or the age category. We usually judge every person we see sub-consciously. So when looking at my project it can catch us off guard to see a serious looking guy who at the same time tells a funny story, or to hear from an elder woman that she is on her way to see the hunger games.

Why so short?

  • We can imagine the rest ourselves
  • I want to work with the mass and give an overview of what’s on peoples mind instead of going into depth and focus on an individual. (although I will do it on some)
  • We enjoy to have short content that we can consume fast

The project also plays with our natural curiosity of other peoples life and generally our pleasure in hearing stories.
The people make the town. The diversity, the knowledge and wisdom of the 29’292 inhabitants in Emmen/-brücke is what I would like to capture to eventually give a brief insight in the soul and the spirit of this town.






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