Genius Loci Crit


  • I will include the light more into my photos and rather walk through Emmenbrücke during the morning and evening. (Also rainy days are no good for capturing portraits for the rain isn’t comfortable to stop and pose plus the people aren’t in a good mood.)

Medium Video

  • The video should be more ‘photographic’ and the sequence should show the surroundings – in this example the table and the background so we see the source of the noise
  • Also I will work with a pin-on microphone in situations like this
    -> With video I am going through the same learning process as with the portraits, meaning I get more secure with every shot.



  • Corina is interested in the underground system of Emmenbrücke but she can’t grasp the situation. For her it would need a networking element, a way to show the whole sewerage and how it is all connected.  So maybe I will go down again and photograph, film or do something else.
  • One idea would be to put a GoPro in a transparent ball and let it flow through a certain pipe section.
  • Is it possible to track an object from toilet to rake (that holds it back before the water goes on to the defecator)?


Overall project

  • Lukas had the idea to bring up three pictures by clicking on the red dot on the street map: One of the person being interviewed, one from the air and the third from underneath (whereas this doesn’t have to be the exact location as the viewer can’t check). Certainly intriguing for the viewer.




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