Genius Loci – Semester Evaluation

During the self study time I read tutorials and watched videos on about how to program interactive elements in the shockwave format. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t let me insert these flash files unless I pay the upgrade fee so I can only show it on my laptop.

I found fun ways to play with my material, for example did I add sound to the picture with the rat in the sewerage, had animated buttons and let an arrow appear when hovering over the left side or . I designed a virtual stroll through the underground of Emmenbrücke  where the viewer can click their way through the tunnel.

At the semester evaluation Corina and Lukas were pleased with the status of my project and material I had so far but thought
1. I shouldn’t stick to a certain way of programming (the flash animation, to be precise) and rather wait till we learn how to work with HTML.

2. I should be way more playful and wild, try crazy stuff, surprise and reward the viewer with an unexpected, immersive experience.

In other words, I should try to think outside the box. I guess the degree of creativity and innovativeness is what defines an artist. And although a person is born with a certain amount of creativity, it is very well trainable.


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