Personal Project – Documentary

What if all animals in Switzerland would only receive feed which is grown in our country? Every Swiss person could eat 270g of cows or pig meat plus a few grams of chicken per week. Also we’d be granted 5 eggs per year.

Globally it is 2/3 that is fed to animals, leaving only a small and expensive amount to the farmers in South America and Africa. Although this is very much simplified, it shows well how our food system has went a little out of control. I’d like to narrate these facts in an entertaining way, in the best case also call the viewer to action. For the coming 2.5 years I set myself the goal to produce a documentary film.

The topic will be somewhere in the field of animal rights, environmental issues, climate change, relationship to food and veganism. A few points I want for this big project:

  • Follow a certain question, investigate sth. that interests me
  • Tell a story
  • Address as many people as possible, especially not the ones who already know about it
  • Taking the viewer on a journey, not pressing my beliefs on them but rather have them form their own opinion after watching
  • Produce aesthetically pleasing footage
  • Offer something new, produce a unique work
  • Offer solutions

Questions will raise if “I want to include myself in the film” or “how much can/will/should my point of view shine through”. But first I have to figure out what I will investigate and try to narrow down what I want to show.


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