Antique Store – Genius Loci

While being on a photo stroll in Emmenbrücke I stumbled upon an antique store. It’s only open during a few hours on two days a week and it was by chance the right time so I entered into a room full of objects.

The owner at first told me to just ask about the things because every thing has its own story. I didn’t want to pick anything though since it would distort the reality – I wanted him to tell me about the stuff that was most important to him. This way I would have only his stories.


I took a few portraits of him and the atmosphere got more casual with every shot.
He started to tell me about a picture painted by a ‘Stadtoriginal’, a bottle of wine worth Fr 200.- and got personal then. He showed me images of his grandchildren and the wagon he built for the last Fasnacht as well as the one he is building at the moment. I made a short movie and took lots of pictures while recording all his stories.


So this will be a small world the viewer can enter. I have yet to decide how to display this – either there is going to be a picture of the room with the objects one can click on or a visual stroll that leads from one picture to the next.


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