Goal reached – Genius Loci

After my visit to the antique store and the Carnevals parade I went for one more stroll in Emmenbrücke. I was unusually successful and I could not quite figure out whether it was the time (12:15-14:45), the weather (although it was around 3°C), plain luck or my continually trained strategy to approach the people.


However, I was able to collect 8 more pictures of 5 people which stock my collection up to 54 portraits. I set myself the goal to have at least 50 portraits of different people in Emmenbrücke, now I am able to sort out a few.

Also I looked specifically for possibilities to add follow-up stories. People were willing to chat a little longer – probably due to the time – so I could ask them for material they’d like to show. During the conversation the guy on the picture suddenly went like: “Oh, I can juggle!” and he took out four balls from his pocket.
Young people are so much easier to win for such a project!



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