Personal Project – current state

My idea of a documentary is taking shape. The topic is set: What happens if the whole world was vegan?

How would this affect the current agriculture, environment, animals, economy, people, resources like water, air? Is it even possible to feed 8 billion people with only plant based food?

To investigate and explore these big question I will take the example of Switzerland – as a more or less representative of the world. For instance an argument I often hear is «we need animals in the alps because it is hard or even impossible to grow plants in mountainous areas.» So it will be statements like these I want to follow and explain in an understandable way. Then I’d like to zoom out and mention world wide studies (or the other way around – illustrating a world wide study on the small area of Switzerland).

Ideas I had so far (contentwise):

  • Talk to experts on the topic of environment, agriculture, soil, organic farming, artificial meat, animal farming, food sovereignty,… here I think one talk/topic will lead to another.
  • Do an experiment on, say, two people, going plant-based for 2 months, seeing the doctor all through it and compare blood test results from before and after > is it possible for our body?

Practical approach:

  • Incorporate animations to explain complex facts or tell things in a fast and fun way (> ask someone from the animation studies)
  • Show the negative and positive aspects with the same emphasis
  • Illustrate on small examples (> like the Swiss Alps, the two ‘test’people)
  • Enter the topic with the current state of the discussion
  • Point out solutions during the discourse


Right now I am learning how to operate the camera in the specific IDA module which is something I was eager to learn for years. For the real shooting I plan on asking someone to handle audio.
This summer all cameras will be hold at school, therefore I will be working on theoretical research. This way I will develop a profound knowledge in the topics I will talk to experts about and I can ask the right/interesting questions. Also I will watch and analyze more documentaries and take screenshots of interview situations and moods.


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