Final Book – Genius Loci


The book was the one medium that took up most of my time. I tested an idea, discarded it, realized a new one, tried something different, started all over again. And again, and again. There are so many ways to bring a project into a book – one might think it makes it easier if you orientate yourself by the content. But how do you translate the content into the design?

It seems to be the key question in these studies.

I don’t have an answer neither do I know if there even is one. It might be experience though and knowing examples of innovative designs so one can match whatever suits the project.


Besides this I have learned how to create a book using this specific binding. Only thing I’d do different is putting on more glue next time and/or use lighter paper so as to have a solid booklet.

All in all I am pretty okay with the end result as I struggled quite long with the content. With that though I am satisfied, it works on itself but also with the concept/web and exhibition.


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