Final Exhibition – Genius Loci


This was my inspiration throughout developing the exhibition. A back projection of my portraits.

The question was how to combine text and images:Should the photographs be projected in one room and the text in another? Should they be laid upon each other, projected on the same screen? Should they emerge when using augmented reality with an installed iPad? Should the images be projected on one wall and the text on the opposite?

I went for the final idea because this way the visitor can take the time to read the statements as they’re on cards. The images on the screen change every two seconds, we get to judge the people on our first (and only) impression.

Now the viewer can decide and form a quick meaning of this person, vice-versa they can imagine a blurry idea of a person who could have a said these sentences. Ausstellung

Reflecting the exhibition I am quite pleased with the concept of it but not how it was implemented.

The biggest point that crashed the plan was the beamer. Although I borrowed the most wide angled projector I was still not able to fill the whole screen that I built.

Next thing was the foil which wasn’t long enough to cover the screen, Corina helped me by suggesting to use clothing instead. Luckily that worked – after calling two projection companies in Lucerne I only heard “We don’t have separated foil” and “you can only order it in Germany”.

Now I finally wanted to hang the screen with the wooden frame. I pounded the nail into the ceiling but it wouldn’t go in more than 3 mm. After some holes on several spots on ceiling and wall I finally succeeded in creating a hanger construction.

So in the end it worked out. Somehow.



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