Concept – Non-linear Storytelling

I wanted to document the most successful Swiss documentaries and show
the (inter-)national echo.

So how do I make out the most successful ones?
I had to define criteria they fulfill at the least:

  • Produced by a Swiss director
  • Won the Swiss film prize for best documentary (given out once a year)
  • Brought up discussions abroad (checked through internet research)
  • Is mentioned in the book «The Swiss movie» (Oliver Moeschler, 2013)

With these criteria I narrowed my selection down to seven long non-fictional movies.


Of course this list is not representational nor finite. Movies from after 2000 outweigh the one movie I have from before 2000. This is the result of

  •  the late introduction of the Swiss film prize in 2013
  • my depending on internet research
  • my research in the film magazine «Cine-Bulletin» which was first published in 1975
  • and that the book is not specifically about documentaries.

Also: Many Swiss documentaries that are solely produced domestically have not been reported about abroad. Three of my chosen movies play (partly) abroad and have made it into my list because they are covered on international news(papers, magazines, etc.) Therefore they have an advantage and might have more “brought up a discussion abroad” than be successful in a classic way.

Still I am satisfied with these seven movies and guess these are the ones that people from abroad would be most likely to have heard about.


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