Updated Concept – Non-linear Storytelling

During my research of reviews from Switzerland and especially other countries I noticed a big difference between the type of review.

While national reviews were mostly positive,  international ones were mostly full of critique. I need to make this visible!

So instead of giving the infos one can see on the first page they click on when googling the movie, I offer reviews from all kinds of sources. It should kind of represent our behavior in filtering out a movie we want to watch. At least this is my perception – instead of watching the trailer or reading the plot excerpt, we much more want to hear the opinion of viewers. It even goes as far as just looking at the number of stars a movie has been rated with on certain (usually a favorite) platform.

So the movie actually disappears behind all the information we get – we essentially wanted – before we watch the actual movie. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Before: Giving an overview of the full movie with critiques from several different sources but also the trailer, the link to the full movie and the film poster.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-02 um 12.47.50.png
After: Clustering the page to overwhelm the viewer with information of the movie we actually should read instead of just looking at the number of stars.

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