Process – Non-linear Storytelling

For the statements from abroad I decided for a solution that could be made user-friendlier: blue borders around the statements from abroad. This has to be explained and happens on the front page.

This way, my project moves between an artistic and informative position.

I documented the final project (a prototype, I finished one page of seven) by video but unfortunately WordPress only allows the upload of videos on paid blogs ($8.25 per month).

For a further development it would be great to have more interactiveness. For example the user can write their own review or comment about the movie and the site gets clustered just by user-generated content.

Also it would be nice to have another line on the left side with dots and links to the most successful Swiss documentary makers. With this the viewer can switch between directors and their movies from different years. This connectedness would result in a more non-linear project.





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