TMST – 6 dystopias


These images show what Switzerland could look like if their sorrow of ‘foreign infiltration’ comes to fulfillment. The people couldn’t do more than looking at their dying cultures… 


Because a water shortage threads people earlier than calculated, Switzerland is not prepared for all the ecological refugees. Chaos breaks out, a peaceful living is not any longer imaginable.


New myths and sagas are created. What once happened in this country?


Animals take over the country and revenge themselves.


The economical status of Switzerland dramatically changed. The country is reminded of the 19th & 20th century when the people lived under poor conditions mostly in the mountains. Now the citizens who didn’t try their luck in a different country mainly farm on the countryside or work for small wages in factories in the cities (which produce cheap export articles).


Someone similar to Trump came to power in Switzerland. He ordered to keep out all people who don’t have a certain amount of money, a certain degree of education or cannot otherwise contribute to our community. He even commanded to build a wall around the country, so that Swiss people will never have to live under bad influences again and can always stay the lovely country it has always been.


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