TMST – more studies

Credit Suisse asks the Swiss population every year since 37 years about their sorrows. The latest report from 2015 shows the following:


Meanwhile, a newer one has been published:


Unfortunately these two aren’t really comparable as the topics are different. Or did the participants have the same choices and f.e. didn’t mention Umweltschutz or Cyber-Spionage enough to make it in the top 12?


A study from 31.07.2015 asked 1311 people between the age of 15 and 74  about their sorrow.

Der Fragebogen wurde vom LINK Institut in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Swisscom-Portal «» entwickelt. Der exakte Wortlaut der vier Fragen:

1. Wie geht es Ihnen gerade?

2. Was macht Sie glücklich?

3. Was bereitet Ihnen Sorgen?

4. Wie sehen Sie der Zukunft entgegen?

The results:



Although of no obvious interest I want to bring this finding as well:

Asked whetherBildschirmfoto 2016-11-15 um 12.36.29.png


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