TMST – playing with the fear of the Swiss

There is a vote or election about a fact-based issue.

Phenomena #1:

The campaigners (on both sides) bring up appalling future scenarios if it doesn’t go in their favor – resulting in scared and influenced voters.

Phenomena #2:

Whatever the national referendum is about, it will – according to at least one of the campaigners – have a bad impact on the economics of Switzerland.
This applies not only to referendums like “bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen” but also to Atomausstieg, Masseneinwanderungsinitiative, AHV-Erhöhung,… Issues that should not be money-related. iOr is money really more important than the environment / elderly Swiss / foreigners,…?

Sadly it occurs more often than not that the only counterargument in the red booklet is money. And it’s not uncommon that it still gets voted down.

Long live the economical success of Switzerland!


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