TMST – Security report 2016

Study from the military department of ETH to our feeling of security

(Conducted in January 2016 / 1211 participants from all language areas)

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-15 um 10.47.17.png

The most important results summarized by Tibor Szvircsev, the co-author:

  • The Swiss citizens are much more pessimistic about the political situation in the world (74% feel pessimistic about the international political situation, as much as never before). This is explained with the refugee crisis.
  • Still we feel quite secure in our own country (86% remain to feel secure when walking home in the dark as well as being in crowded places like train stations or airports)

Therefore, the international political situation has not had any consequences in Switzerland yet.

  • Swiss citizens are quite army-friendly (record high) and also like organizations which work for their security (police, judges,…). These organizations won more and more trust (as usual in times of insecurity (especially abroad – Belgium, Paris,..).
  • Only 16% want to join the EU, never before was the percentage this low.
  • 87% support strong security service, 66% are willing to be monitored in order to maintain the security.

Further results which are interesting for my research:

  • There is a clear demand for more employees in the police. Also the popularity of army-support when policemen are overwhelmed has significantly risen.
  • The respondents want to invest less into development aid than in 2015.

This I find a problematic position. Rather than fighting the problem at the core (in those countries where people are forced to leave), we much rather focus on national security, our own army and in the end encourage isolation.


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