TMST – Frank Furedi

Extracts from Frank Furedi essay about the politics of fear:

The narrative of fear has become so widely assimilated that it is now self-consciously expressed in a personalised and privatised way. In previous eras where the politics of fear had a powerful grasp – in Latin American dictatorships, Fascist Italy or Stalin’s Soviet Union – people rarely saw fear as an issue in its own right. Rather, they were frightened that what happened to a friend or a neighbour might also happen to them. They were not preoccupied with fear as a problem in an abstract sense.

Today, however, public fears are rarely expressed in response to any specific event. Rather, the politics of fear captures a sensibility towards life in general. The statement ‘I am frightened’ is rarely focused on something specific, but tends to express a diffuse sense of powerlessness.

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TMST – Abstimmungsverhalten

Die AHVplus-Initiative zeigte eine starke Ablehnung in der Deutschschweiz, weniger starke in der Westschweiz und im Tessin.

Das liegt einerseits am unterschiedlichen Staatsverständnis (seit 20 Jahren herrscht in der Deutschschweiz die Mentalität, der Staat soll nicht ausgebaut werden, auch nicht im sozialen), andererseits, so Claude Longchamp, könnte es auch an der sozialen Schicht liegen.

Noch was Lustiges aus der Kommentarspalte:
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